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Taqta stands out as a strategic partner in R&D and Innovation, providing sector knowledge and resources to promote innovative technological solutions.


Brand Identity





Taqta is the result of the collaboration between two experts in industrial design, both with extensive experience in the sector, who decided to join their knowledge to create this new project.

They trusted us to develop their visual identity and web platform, creating a distinctive image and an effective website that reflects their agility, expertise and commitment to sustainability.
commitment to sustainability.

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We began by creating a visual identity from scratch, which included the conception of a new name that would capture and represent the essence of the company. From there, we created a logo, established a color palette and selected fonts.

The website we developed had a very defined objective, to make it clear who Taqta is, what they do and how they do it. The design focused on visually communicating the vision and value proposition in an attractive and effective way.

To maintain uniformity in the visual identity, we created a detailed style guide that established guidelines for the use of the logo, color palette, typography and other essential elements of the brand.

Finally, we provided a complete set of tools, including email signatures, customized business cards, and templates for invoicing and quotes, ensuring consistency and professionalism in all communications.

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The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges we faced as designers in creating Taqta's identity was to stand out in a highly competitive industrial sector.

The task was to provide an industrial company with a modern and distinctive identity that reflected its unique values and vision. We opted for a minimalist visual identity with the objective of transmitting simplicity, elegance and professionalism.

By eliminating superfluous elements and focusing on the essentials, we were able to highlight the main message and purpose of the brand in a clear, direct but also approachable way.

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