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Tate Law — Motion system

Stanley Tate, abogado estadounidense especializado en préstamos estudiantiles, tiene un canal de YouTube en el que comparte información, consejos, entrevistas y opiniones sobre la condonación de deudas de préstamos estudiantiles.


Creación de Contenido


Tate, Esq.



Motion principles

The system is built around three main pillars, which symbolise the lawyer-client relationship. We have established said key concepts (elevating push, transparent reveal and liberating relief) and represented them using simple animations (position, opacity, scale). The power of the system lies within the possibility of using this principles separately or combining two or even all of them.


The motion system is comprised of a series of individual components that we have turned into editable templates in After Effects and Premiere Pro. This library of animated assets includes transitions, texts, titles, logo animations, graphs, numbers, secondary elements and CTAs. All components of the system can be edited independently to adapt to the requirements of different touchpoints.


The goal of the project is to ease and speed up the content creation process, no matter who the video editor is. To achieve this, we have turned all animations into easily-customisable Premiere Pro templates. To keep the system consistent, all templates have predefined fixed parameters (duration, in-/out- animations...) but offer the flexibility to modify certain options, such as their colour, position and/or size.


Leveraging the motion system and content templates, Stanley's YouTube channel saw explosive growth in 2023, tripling its numbers. This success highlights the power of standardized and strategically designed content creation processes.

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