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The Ultimate Guide to Learning Motion Design Online

Ever wondered if you could build a career in Motion Design without setting foot in a single school? What if you could learn from the best, most renowned creatives in the industry?

In this article, we'll share our top picks for online courses that we believe are essential for becoming a Motion Design pro. By optimizing your learning experience, you'll be on the fast track to success.

Introduction to After Effects by Carlos Zenzuke Albarran

This beginner-friendly course on Domestika is the perfect starting point for aspiring motion designers. It covers the fundamentals through concise lessons, hands-on exercises, and a supportive community to share your progress.

Video by Domestika

Peter Quinn VFX Tutorials

Dive into the world of visual effects with these entertaining tutorials by industry rockstar, Peter Quinn. Imagine a blend of Zach King and Salvador Dali, and be prepared to have a blast. Don't forget to follow him on social media and share your completed exercises!

Peter Quinn's Website -

Advanced Motion Methods with Sander Van Dijk

Challenge yourself with this intensive 9-week training program on School of Motion. Designed for those seeking to elevate their skills, it's undoubtedly one of the top courses to take your Motion Design expertise to the next level.

Video by School of Motion

Motion Secrets with Emanuele Colombok

Known for his popular "mustache swimmer" tutorial, Emanuele Colombo offers invaluable insights into fluid animation, unexpected transitions, and exceptional character animation techniques. Access a wealth of source files and take your learning further on Motion Design School.

Video by Motion Design School

In conclusion, you can learn from the best Motion Design experts, regardless of your location and at your own pace. Ready to join us on this exciting journey? Send us a message and let's get started! 😊


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