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Did you know that Motion Design will be one of the trends for 2023?

Apple is aware of this, and has been incorporating it into its web sites for some time now. The Earpods Pro site is an example of it.

There are a multitude of elements where motion design can be applied. Our favorite is in logo design. Why? Here's what you can achieve by animating your logo.

Adds originality

Animating your logo will turn it into a unique element that will stand out on its own. Nowadays we see thousands of logos every day. By using animation you can add details that give more personality, character and reflect the brand better than with a static logo.

Catches Attention

Did you know that on Instagram, videos generate 38% more engagement than photos? A powerful animation will attract the interest of potential customers more effectively.

Creates a good first impression

Your logo will be one of the first images your audience will see. To increase the chances of converting them into customers, making a good impression is essential. An animated logo will positively surprise them, helping them to remember your brand.

Shows you're up to date

Netflix, Google, Apple and many other brands have been using Motion Design for a long time. Show your audience that you are up to date with current design trends and enhance your brand image.

Where to use and animated logo

In many places! It works great at the beginning of a video, as it enhances the storytelling by creating an organic association of the narrative with your brand. You can also use it in your email signature, a growing trend nowadays. Or in social networks, increasing brand recognition.


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