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How to Craft a Great Logo Animation

Are you looking to create an animated logo? Whether you need a splash screen for your latest app or an intro for your branded content, adding an animated logo can give your project that wow factor you're after.

Video by McDonald's

In this article, we will share the essential qualities that make outstanding animated logos stand out. So, keep reading to uncover the secret sauce.


As Casey Neistat once said, "story is king." Even if it's just a three-second story, good animations have a narrative behind them. Take Netflix as an example: the iconic "N" transforms into a tunnel curtain of light streaks, unveiling the platform's main screen. By mirroring a theater experience, Netflix sets the mood for spectacular entertainment. Sound also plays a crucial role in enhancing the viewer's experience.

Video by Netflix


Remember the Pixar logo animation? That's precisely what we are aiming for: something simple and iconic that people can easily associate with your brand.

Video by Pixar


This one is a no-brainer. Our brains are wired to conserve energy, and they don't want to spend extra calories trying to decipher what's on the screen. Make sure the logo is easily readable for a reasonable amount of time.

Video by Coca Cola


Have you seen the Family Guy video where Peter has a hilarious but relatable reaction to film intro credits? Remember that your audience is here for your content, not your logo animation. Don't add unnecessary friction by making the logo animation too long.

Video by Family Guy


What makes a logo animation memorable? The answer is exceptional sound design. It adds depth, deligthment and a sensory experience. It's like chocolate for the brain.

Video by Disney+

Voila! Those are our five essential ingredients. We use them consistently, but we also like to add a little spice here and there. If you have any ingredients to add, please drop a comment below.

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Thank you for reading!


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