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DA - ZN contacted us to help them with their latest two films, “El Presidente” and “El Fenómeno”. In both documentaries, the life of Brazilian soccer player Ronaldo Nazario is portrayed in detail.


Motion Graphics Production





'El Presidente' tells the story of Ronaldo Nazario and his journey to becoming Valladolid's president, a historic club from La Liga.

'El Fenómeno' is a tale of a meteoric ascend, a spectacular crash and the greatest example of redemption ever seen in a World Cup.

  • After Effects

  • Figma

  • Premiere


In both projects we took care of the motion graphics production. From the film title, to the lower thirds, we created animations that enhanced the storytelling and packaged a visual narrative tailored to this football superstar.



Both "El Fenómeno" and "El Presidente" are available on DAZN. "El Fenómeno" was also aired on BBC4 in November 2022 and has a rating of 7.6 on IMDB.


Broken into three acts and featuring contributions from legendary teammates and opponents, friends, and family, this is the definitive story of Ronaldo, encompassing his meteoric rise, spectacular fall, and the World Cup's greatest ever redemption story.


This is our first collaboration on a 90-minute documentary. The project became the longest one our team has worked on, taking approximately 9 months from start to finish. The members of our team were Ana Villagrasa, motion designer, Julio Numar, art director, and Marc Vilarnau, motion designer.

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