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Tate Law

Stanley Tate, a student loan lawyer from the US, operates a YouTube channel where he shares information, tips, interviews, and insights on student loan debt forgiveness.


Content Creation


Stanley Tate



Despite his exceptional communication skills, Stanley required assistance in consistently delivering

top-quality content.


We joined forces with him in July 2022 and establish a comprehensive system, including  the creation of four 5-minute and four 1-minute videos per month, produced during a monthly 2-hour recording session.

Our services encompass strategy, research, planning, editing, thumbnail design and video posting 


Our services encompass:

  • Strategy

  • Research & planning

  • Editing

  • Thumbnail design and video posting 



“Thanks for all you do and helping us navigate this - thanks to you - I see a path!"
YouTube video comment

The Challenge

Coordinating a remote team presents challenges, and in this project, our team members are located in three distinct time zones.


However, through the utilization of tools such as Riverside and, we have established an efficient and seamless workflow.


Stanley's background in video production was crucial in achieving high-quality footage.

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